Marketing Ideas For Small Business

Every business needs a way to attract customers. Marketing is the strategy that businesses set to promoting and selling their products or services, including market research and advertising.

There are unlimited ways a business can establish its marketing strategy. All depend on the business’s market orientations. Here below we discuss some of the most basic and important marketing strategies that can help your small business grow.


If you are starting a small business think of setting up a website for your business. In this era of digitalization people are more likely to look for products or services they want to purchase online using search engines like Google and others. And the website provides your business an online presence allowing prospects to find easily the products or services you are providing. And more people visiting your website means more opportunities to have your value propositions in front of potential customers.

To do so, build a simple website, easy to navigate, with all required information about your business and services. And implement effective search engine optimization (SEO) tactics.


Nowadays everyone is on social media including your potential customers. By taking your business to those platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and so on it helps you to build and maintain relationships between your business and your existing customers. It also allows you to turn your business into a center of interest by building an audience around it. And these online platforms also offer advertising programs such as google ad, facebook and instagram ad, youtube ad etc, which you can subscribe and present your products or services to more than a million potential customers.


Influencers are people that have built a reputation and have a certain amount of fans. In the past, they used to be the singers, comedians, athletes, celebrities etc and they used to be a little bit difficult to access. But now with social media the list of influencers goes beyond what is listed. Many people have succeeded to build a huge audience around their personality and niche. Getting in contact with these influencers and having them promote your business and services can help your business gain credibility, and drive more sales. These influencers have the power to lead their followers to purchase your products and services.


Everyone likes to save money, that’s why most tend to look for the same product or service in different providers in order to compare the price. That’s where coupon marketing plays a very important role. Presenting your products or services to the consumers with less than the regular price influences the consumers’ attitudes and decisions. It creates a belief in the consumers’ mind that they are scooping with a great deal and they will not want to miss the opportunity. It attracts new customers and maintains the previous purchasers. 


Email marketing is any kind of message whether it is an advertising message or newsletter etc, a business sends to a group of people using email. All internet users are potential consumers of your product and services and over 92% of them have an email account. It is a way you can reach out to each of them individually about topics related to your business and services. Email marketing has been proved to be 40 times more effective than even social media marketing. There are several ways of accessing the prospects email address. The most usual one is through subscription on your website.


Referral marketing is the word of mouth marketing. When customers are satisfied with your services they tend to recommend your business whenever  their friends, families want to purchase a product or service you are providing. That’s why it’s very important to make a good impression when dealing with customers. Referral marketing often happens spontaneously. But businesses can influence it through appropriate strategies such as giving gifts, money-back, discount to raise the customers’ loyalty.

Referral marketing also happens online with the use of website browser cookies and similar technology.

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