To launch your small business you will need to go through the 6 basic but imperative steps.

To launch your small business you will need to go through the 6 basic but imperative steps below:

1- Create a Business Plan

A business plan is a document describing your business objectives, methods you will use to achieve the objectives and the time within which the objectives need to be accomplished. A business plan is very important when starting a business. It helps you have a clear understanding of what you want to do, and describes all the finances and efforts related to achieving the goals.

2- Think of a company Name

Every business needs a name to be identified by people and also for administrative purposes. It can be a little bit tricky to choose the right name for your business. However it is recommended to look for something simple, easy to pronounce and  to write, not too long but descriptive enough. You want to conduct trademark research online to see if the name you wish for your business is not already trademarked. You also want to make some research on google to see if there is already a website domain name build around your intended business title.

3- Get a Business License

A business license gives you the green light to start a particular business in a given country. To get the business license you have to go through required administrative paperwork and pay required fees to register your business in the registration office.

4- Create a Website

A website provides your business an online presence. It allows prospects to find easily the products or services you are providing.  In this era of digitalization people look online for products or services they want to purchase using search engines like google and others. A website also gives a professional impression to your business and helps you with marketing.

5- Open a Business Bank Account

Having a bank account for your business is very important. You need to separate your own fund from that of your business. This will help you to easily track down and monitor all the financial transactions related to your business. With a business bank account, your business can get a loan, a business credit card, and accept card payments from customers.

6- Acquire Equipment

Depending on the business you want to launch, you will have to invest in some necessary equipment. At the very beginning it is recommended to focus on acquiring the minimum necessary to run your business; renting a place if your business can not be done from home, a computer and so on. And with time you will supplement your equipment.

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