6 side hustles ideas that can make you an extra 1000 euro/month

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What is a side hustle?

A side hustle is an additional job that someone does outside their primary job time in order to increase their income.

Why is side hustle important?

Side hustle will constitute another source of income after your primary job allowing you to get some extra money. These extra money can help you cover loans, vacations, and going out nights etc. With the money you make from your side hustle at least you are now less stressed when spending money because your primary job paycheck is here and intact. But as an entrepreneur, side jobs are really important because they can help you fund your business at the beginning.

6 side hustles that will make you decent money every month

1- Sell online

There are many ecommerce platforms where you can sell different things. Fiverr.com for example is one of those platforms. And on Fiverr.com you can turn almost everything into money. You can be a translator, a web designer, a model, app developer, voiceover, and many other things that you even do daily you can suggest on fiverr as a product. And you can make pretty decent money from sales. You can also have similar experience on other ecommerce platforms such as etsy.com where you can also have a wide range of products like jewelries, books, art, craft etc and on ebay.com if you like to buy and resell products. In any case these websites can earn you up to a 1000 euro a month.

2- Register your car on Uber or Hopin

It is basically turning your personal car into a taxi at any time you want and it is very easy to do that. What you just need to do is to register on Uber or Hopin and you are good to go. At any time you want to make money with your car you just have to activate one of those apps on your phone and your car becomes a taxi. You can earn decent money knowing that some people are even doing it as a full time job.

3- List your house on Airbnb or Booking.com

If your house or apartment has a room that you can free occasionally for others to stay for some days you definitely want to put that on Airbnb or Booking.com. It is very easy and quite passive. You just list your house on those platforms and travelers who are coming in the country or around where you are living can book it and you make some money. And if your region is popular for tourists you can make really decent money out of that one room.

4- Become a virtual assistance

A virtual assistance is basically an assistance that works remotely. Mostly new set businesses hired virtual assistance to help them with some task like some administrative work, or customer services or social media etc. And nowadays the world of business is turning more and more virtual, and many businesses rely on virtual assistance to grow. Being a virtual assistant can make you up a 1000 euro or more every month. So what you can do to start your virtual assistant career is, you need to go on Facebook groups related to business or jobs etc and see what company owners are looking for. You can also target some small businesses and send them email about the services you can offer them as virtual assistance.

5- Take online surveys

It is true that the earning may not be as big as the mentioned above, but it can cover some part of your daily expenses. There are a lot of websites which allow you to take surveys and get paid. So anytime you have free time you can just head over to those websites like www.swagbucks.com and take surveys.

6- Sell your photography

If you have some basic skills in photography and you like taking pictures of your city, people, food etc. You can upload those pictures on several stock photo sites and sell them. It will make you some decent passive income and which may average 1000 euro per month. And if you are a little bit above average in photography you can do wedding pictures, and earn some hundreds of euro per event.

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