How to monetize your language skills

You can make up to 8 euro per hour with your language skills.
Ako speňažiť svoje jazykové znalosti

If you are Slovak, or Czech or from any other country in Central Europe and you speak English or French: Here are 4 easy ways you can turn it into money.

1. Become a language teacher

As a language teacher you can earn up to 8 euro per hour. With 5 students you are already making 40 euros an hour. How to get students? Advertise your skills by posting on social media and telling it to your neighbors, family and friends. They may be interested in enrolling their kids. Offer availability during weekends or any other time you are free. And during this time of corona, you can also propose online classes using online tools such as zoom and others.

2. Offer freelance translation

As a freelance translator you can earn up to 20 cents per word translated. How to get clients? Contact some Slovak or Czech website owners and propose them to translate their website into English or French or any other language you master. You can even propose to translate their blog posts. There are a lot of websites in Slovakia for example, which their owners would want to have also in English because it will help them to reach a wider audience.

3. Start a YouTube channel

If you are living in Slovakia or Czech Republic or Hungary for example, you can open a YouTube channel to teach your community English . You can also have the YouTube channel to share useful information from your country to the rest of the world by using English. For example, you can be talking about Slovak culture in your YouTube channel and that will be something travelers and tourists will definitely want to watch. Now, the earning on YouTube depends on the number of views you have.

4. Become a tourists guide

As a tour guide you can make from 50 to a 100 euro a day. How to get started? Very simple, you can find tour guides who already operate in your area and just offer to ride along as an English or French interpreter. You can also go by yourself. But in any case you will just need excellent local knowledge, a set of itineraries and some fun jokes to maintain a conversation.

Now you have 4 different ways to turn your language skills into a source of income. Let us know the one you would like to try in the comment.

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